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Hey you, thanks for looking!

I've been in the fitness industry quite sometime now and have written my bio a bazillion different ways… the worst is when you have to do it in 3rd person. Bullet-pointing any life accolade that I could piece into my resume/bio that could make me look more educated. Thinking about it makes me quiver. 

So… rather than giving you a bio listing all of the thousand-dollar weekends of fitness, yoga, leadership, goal-setting that I have attended, or all the positive results that I have witnessed, supported, and contributed to… rather than boring you with the same fitness thing all wrapped up and presented in a new shiny package pretending to have the magic key to ultimate fitness enlightenment. Respecting the value of time, I’m gonna go ahead and list what it is that I need in a new potential trainee. 

Integrity - You have to want it. Thinking you want it is different. Understand that there are no shortcuts. Consistency needs to be your best friend. 

Compassion - You need to be kind to yourself. Train because you love yourself. We don't beat ourselves up for not being able to complete tasks that our peers have spent time mastering. Trust the process. 

Effort - Showing up is not enough. You need to constantly work at being better, as the great Tony Robbins says “if we are not growing, we are dying” 

Feedback - In any relationship communication is key. We must be able to fully communicate with one another from a place of love and understanding. It’s not personal. 

Trust - This is so important for us to be successful. Remember, I am only successful when you are successful.

Accountability - we must work together and hold each other responsible in the areas of growth that are identified. 


Regardless if you are a high-level athlete or just attempting this movement/fitness thing for the first time these values are a MUST!

If you are interested in training with me and you understand the expectations that are required please contact me for a free consultation.




Thanks for looking. 





"Rodney has a truly unique and inspiring philosophy for fitness that has totally transformed my relationship with my body. He defines fitness as the body's ability to do the largest variety of movements well. Rather than achieving a certain aesthetic or fitness for its own sake, Rodney focuses on functional fitness that meets the specific goals and lifestyles of his students. This is why despite being an athlete my whole life, I had no idea how much my body could do until I trained with Rodney. This journey of discovery enabled me to excel at all my athletic hobbies while also having the healthiest relationship with my body I've ever had. Thanks, Rodney! You're truly the best." 

-Mohini Sharma



"The tranquility that comes when you stop caring what they say.

Or think,

or do.

Only what you do"

-Marcus Aurelius

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